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Situational leadership

Build the skill of situational leadership, one habit and one conversation at a time.

Duration: 60 Minutes

About the program

Situational leadership is a great way to be a good leader. It means that you adapt your leadership style based on the needs of the person you're leading.

But what if you have a large team, or just have many different needs and expectations in your small team? How can you make situational leadership more feasible, and foster the maturity necessary in your team, so that members become more fluent in expressing what they need from you?
You can start by thinking about how much time you spend with each employee. If there's very little interaction between you, it's easy for them to feel like their needs aren't being met. But if there are lots of interactions, it's much easier for them to communicate their needs because they know they'll get responses from you. That kind of active communication helps everyone grow as a leader!

  • Accelerate your skills mastery in six weeks

    🚀 Without a method, skill development often takes months or even years due to the lack of structured guidance and reliance on trial and error. Our method accelerates the process by emphasizing focused practice to build essential sub-skills, allowing you to achieve significant progress in just six weeks, with the development of three habits and three meaningful conversations.

  • 3 essential habits + 3 game-changing conversations​​​​​​​

    🧭 Discover three evidence-based habits that are designed to be easily integrated into your daily routine, ensuring consistency in your skill-building journey.
    ​​​​​​​💬 We know that the hardest part about work and building new skills can be other people. Don't worry, we've got you covered here. We've designed and tested three transformative conversations for you to have with your team. You can 10x your impact by leveraging the power of social learning.

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