7 Days To Traction: Driving For Off-Market Deals Challenge ​​​​​​​🏚️

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Tom Zeeb + DealMachine have teamed up to help you do your first (or next) off-market real estate deal!

This challenge will put you on the path to TOTAL FREEDOM:

  • Kickoff: Find Hidden Real Estate Deals (May 10th @ 4p ET / 1p PT)

    Learn exactly how to find the most motivated sellers in any market.

  • Live Training #2: Your Marketing Playbook (May 13th @ 4p ET / 1p PT)

    Learn the most effective and proven strategies to reach out to sellers.

  • Finale: Make Offers & Close Deals like a Pro! (May 16th @ 4p ET / 1p PT)

    Learn how to make confident offers and close your first or next deal!

  • BONUS: DealMachine will be giving away over $3,000 in prizes to challenge registrants! 💸💸💸

Live Challenge Hosts

  • Tom Zeeb, Traction

    Live Challenge Host, REI Entrepreneur, Top Speaker, Best-Selling Author

  • Matt Kamp, DealMachine VP

    Live Challenge Co-Host, 10,000+ Deals Done Using DealMachine

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