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​​​​​​​The Functional Medicine Approach to Inflammation

Do you suffer from chronic body aches and pains and feel inflamed throughout your body? Have you been dealing with bloating, acid reflux and/or IBS symptoms? Have you been diagnosed with Type II diabetes or at risk of insulin resistance? Are you dealing with the aftermath of a COVID-19 infection?

​​​​​​​If any of these apply to you, this live webinar is for you. 

About The Webinar

  • The Functional Medicine approach to identifying inflammation
    We'll discuss the various inflammatory markers that our team looks out for, and how these markers help us determine the best type of treatment.

  • Case studies of patient experiences in our Functional Medicine program
    We'll share with you examples of comprehensive treatment plans that have helped many of our patients to lower inflammation and achieve significant improvement with their health.

  • Practical tips you can start applying today

    You'll walk away with some helpful guidance on how to get started on an anti-inflammatory path to feeling better.

  • Yoko Kawashima, Functional Medicine Health Coach

    Webinar Host

  • Amanda Matteson, Functional Medicine Practitioner

    Webinar Host

  • Peter Dionisopoulos, Functional Medicine Physical Therapist

    Webinar Host

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