CoreNet Global UK Wrap Up Series 2020:
​​​​​​​Place, Tech and Talent – A New Dynamic

Hosted by
CoreNet Global UK Chapter
25th November

This session will bring together expert panellists who will explore present and future workplace challenges and opportunities through the lens of three crucial elements.

- Space and design - how will the journey through and experience of the built environment facilitate and encourage both focused and collaborative work?

- Technology - what should the role of technology be in supporting our workplaces, particularly as we have proven the ability to work completely remotely for extended periods of time?

​​​​​​​- People - how do space and technology ultimately interact with human behaviours and patterns, allowing people to thrive and businesses to prosper?

  • Cristiano Testi

    Principal Director, TP Bennett

  • Warren Beney

    Co-Founder, Holistica

  • Sonya Simmonds

    Head of Workplace, Design & Build Global Workplace Services, Spotify

  • Rachel Edwards

    Senior Strategist - Workplace Futures, Lendlease

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