From Academia to Industry: Assessing Global Technology Trends

About The Webinar

Global technology trends, including those not directly associated with the automotive industry, are shaping the products of the future. These in turn will affect education, the way of teaching, and breadth of topics taught.

​​​​​​​Representatives from the FISITA Membership will gather for a strategic-level panel discussion to introduce the five areas of technology that the FISITA Technical Committee is investigating and reporting on to the wider FISITA community; reflect on how FISITA can assess global technology trends and their likely impact on the industry in the coming 5-15 years; and highlight the technologies that will be researched in 2021. A key goal will be to seek involvement in forthcoming investigations.

​​​​​​​The purpose of this FISITA Technical Online Conference is to build on and further the existing FISITA technical agenda.

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    Webinar Host

  • Christophe Aufrère


  • Xuming Zhang


  • Ouafae El-Ganaoui-Mourlan


  • Friedrich Wolf-Monheim


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