Street Games Conference 2021  
The Power Of Place

Delivered by Why Sports 

For 2021 we bring you the StreetGames Conference online!
Like you, we have learnt a lot about connecting digitally this past year and we are excited to be able to use this to bring more people together than ever before. This year's event puts young people front and centre, as we engage more young coaches and volunteers directly in delivering our conference than ever before.  

This year’s conference is divided into 6 themes to help you connect with all the elements of StreetGames’ work. The themes are: 

  • Sport, poverty and the pandemic

  • Brighter Futures – avoiding a lost generation 

  • Why does poverty result in poor health? 

  • Fit & Fed – addressing the holiday gap 

  • Community Safety-Sport, my journey, my choice 

  • Securing the future (targeted at locally trusted organisations to think about practical ways of building sustainability) 

We look forward to seeing and hearing you at our conference – we hope to have as many voices as possible sharing learning and building networks.  ​​​​​​​
All Workshop presentations will be hosted via the Zoom platform allowing maximum interaction and engagement.


  • Mark Lawrie

    CEO, Street Games

  • Tim Hollingsworth

    CEO, Sport England

  • Keith Fraser

    Chair, Youth Justice Board for England and Wales

  • Helen Barnard

    Deputy Director, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

  • Greta Defeyter

    Professor of Developmental Psychology, Northumbria University

  • Andrew Forsey

    National Director, Feeding Britain

  • Martina Kane

    Policy and Engagement Manager, Healthy Lives Team

  • Jane South

    Professor of Healthy Communities, Leeds Beckett University

  • Emma Rigby

    Chief Executive, Association for Young People's Health

  • Charlotte Jeffreys

    Policy and Public Affairs Executive, Prince's Trust

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