Turn your Desire to Buy a Home into an Action-Oriented Home Buying Plan
​​​​​​​in 2020

  • The #1 Mistake Prospective Home Buyers Make 
    This mistake often prevents them from beginning their home buying journey… I'll show you how to avoid it!

  • What Buyers Wish They Knew About Mortgages
    The complexity of getting pre-approved & applying for a loan can be intimidating to buyers. In this webinar, you'll learn how I justify building knowledge about lenders NOW to my clients, even if they don’t believe they're financially ready to proceed.

  • Saying "I wanna buy a house" Isn't Enough 
    When buying a home, talk is cheap... especially if you, like most of my clients, have started to fall in love with homes on Zillow. I'll show you how to action!

  • Shanell Marie Lightfoot

    Webinar Host

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