Financial Analysis
Must skill for every Banking Executive

Do you want to develop your Financial Analysis skill to grow in your Bank's organisational hierarchy?

Then this webinar is for you!

Webinar Highlights

​​​​​​​You will learn fundamental financial analysis covering
- Profitability Analysis
- Liquidity Analysis
- Long Term Solvency
- Repayment Capacity Analysis
- Fund Management Discipline

Review / Feedback of earlier participants:

  • Prasoon P J

    Dear sir,you are able to balance both being an expert in the field but also making lessons enjoyable and relatable, which is key for keeping attendees interested in finance,accounting and credit. We learned everything in the class from assets and liabilities to what CMA is, and to this day I still remember many of the lessons.Thanks to the way you relate your classes to the real credit situations that you experienced as a banker.

  • Amit Upadhyay

    Simple, lucid, adequate & to the point explanation of the topic.My sincere & heartfelt thanks to you sir.

  • Sunita Tharwani

    Very knowledgeful and informative webinar. I like 1 thing most in webinar that poll taking in between webinar ,this thing make webinar very interactive.  Very interesting and knowlegeful webinar . Waiting for more webinars like this.

  • Ganapathy Subramanian

    I can say the webinar section was very much helpful . The section was interactive to us. The poll option is very impressive. Your way of teaching and communication is so beautiful and concepts are very clear. I thank you so much for giving such a great hours to us.

  • CA Raja Classes

    CA N Raja, B.Com., PGDBA, FCA is your Faculty for this Webinar. 
    -Chartered Accountant by Qualification 
    -An ex-Banker
    -Teacher by passion for CA, CMA and Finance Students 
    -Trainer for Bank Executives on Credit & Financial Analysis
    -Published 100+ Online Courses
    -2,00,000+ Students Worldwide 
    -1,00,000+ YouTube Subscribers 
    -Featured in New Indian Express
    -Recipient of Indian Achievers Award 2021
    -Life Long Learner
    -Speaker of Daily Radio Show “Money Matters” in UAE

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