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Emotional Health First Aid - Day Training 6 Hours 

About The Webinar - Day Training

Don't Lose Your Cool Emotions Rule Emotion First Aid
ABC-IQ POETS TIPS - Digestible Bite Sized Bits of Life and Literacy Skills Tips Supporting Self Success

Mental and Emotional Health Essentials for The Future of Work
Grief to Joy , Greif to Goals

Six Hours Culture Education Differentiation Training​​​​​​​
Self Skills Management Mental and Emotional Health Anxiety, Stress, Anger Grief, Trauma Arts Therapy Processes 

PD Day Training Online or In Residence Workshop

Suitable for - EMS - POLICE 
Fire Brigade, Military, Conservation
Navy, Armed Forces - Clergy - Educator - General Training

  • Systemtic Problem Solving, solving problems strategically and systematically through the arts. 

  • Culture Education, Arts Therapy processes for stress management, Multiple Intelligence Education, Cultural Differentiation - First Nations Applied Spirituality - Medicine Wheel - Lemniscate

  • Emotional Intelligence peace culture of practise. Mental and Emotional health strategies for self success. Don't lose your cool, emotions rule. 

  • ABC-IQ Corp.

    Webinar Host

  • Shelley D. Chuchmuch


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