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Know the Self as Awareness with Bill Free

Join Us on Thursday March 28th @ 2:00pm ET

In this free 90-minute session we’ll look together at universal consciousness, drawing upon the teachings of Ramana,  Advaita and A Course in Miracles which both state:
You are Not your Body you are Spirit.  Do you know this to be your true awareness?

During this session, we’ll explore various dimensions of awareness, including:

  • Self-Awareness vs Local Awareness:

    Discovering the true essence of your being and recognizing inherent true awareness.

  • Non-dual Subjective Awareness:

    Understanding the unity of all existence and transcending the illusion of separation between self and other. 

  • Transcendental Awareness:

    Experiencing the boundless nature of consciousness beyond the limitations of the individual self. Formless Presence.

  • Witness Consciousness (in ACIM – the Holy Spirit Awareness):

    Cultivating the ability to observe thoughts, emotions, and experiences without identification or attachment. 

  • Universal Awareness:

    Recognizing the interconnectedness of all life and embracing a sense of unity with all things manifest and unmanifest known as Hari OM. 

  • ​​​​​​​Five Exercises Offering Valuable Insights & Practices:

    Support your journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth...

    Self-Inquiry Practice: Through reflective self-inquiry, you will explore the nature of the self and its relationship to awareness. 

    Mindfulness Exercise: Practice a simple mindfulness exercise to cultivate present-moment awareness. 

    Journaling Prompt: Reflect on a journaling prompt designed to uncover limiting beliefs and patterns of thought. 

    Breath Awareness:  Engage in a breath awareness exercise to anchor yourself in the present moment.

    Guided Meditation in Pure Awareness:  You will be guided through a meditation to connect with the essence of pure awareness within yourself. 

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