How to Stay Healthy at Home

If you’ve recently found yourself working from home, you might be feeling a bit out of place. With your routine off, it’s easy to let healthy practises like exercise go out the door. However now more than ever it’s important to eat well and keep active for a healthy immune system.

So, our Dietitians share their top tips to keep healthy when working from home.

Join our webinar presented by a fully qualified Dietitian to learn more about:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • How to stay healthy working from home

  • Managing food choices during self-isolation

  • Why we turn to food when stressed

  • Stress and coping strategies

  • Stress eating stratgies

  • LifeShape Clinic

    Webinar Host

  • Sophie Mahoney (BEx&NutrSci, MNutr&Diet, APD)

    Webinar Host

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