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Deep dive in positive emotional communication in humans
Winner of the Basic Research Award at the IFSCC Barcelona Congress 2023
Aline Robert-Hazotte, Scientific Innovation Leader, SHISEIDO (France)

Wednesday 13 March
​​​​​​​7h West Coast USA - 9h Mexico City - Chicago - 10h East Coast USA - Bogotá - 12h Sao Paolo - 15h London - 16h Central Europe - West Africa - 15h Tel Aviv - South Africa - 8h30 New Delhi -
23h Singapore / HK / China / Taipei

Thursday 14 March
​​​​​​​0h Korea / Japan - 2h Melbourne - 4h Wellington

About the Webinar

​​​​​​​Emotions can be communicated in social contexts through chemosignals contained in human body odors (BO). Although there is solid evidence for negative emotions communication, positive emotions have received little interest. Nevertheless, positive emotions carry significant benefits for individuals, and today consumers are increasingly looking for cosmetic products creating positive emotional experiences. Many individuals use cosmetics to improve their well-being, including perfumed products which may have the potential to modulate this communication naturally occurring through BO. Here, we present a series of studies designed to assess whether positive emotional states can be transferred between humans through BO and to understand the modulating factors. Specific mood induction procedures and  “donor-receiver” paradigm were used to create and evaluate the communication of positive and neutral states. This research provides convergent evidences in favor of the capacity of humans to communicate to others their positive emotions through BO and reveals potential relevant modulating factors. In the context of increasing demand for fragranced products with emotional benefits for holistic beauty routines, this work opens new perspectives to develop fragranced products capable of enhancing the social communication between individuals and other holistic wellbeing benefits. 

About the Speaker

Aline obtained a PhD in human biochemistry at the University of Burgundy (Dijon, FR) in 2018, where she studied the impact of the odorant metabolism in human sense of smell. She contributed to highlight the influence of xenobiotic metabolism enzyme in the perception of organic volatile compounds.
After her PhD, Aline obtained a postdoctoral position at the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, USA). During this experience, she continued to develop her research into understanding the mechanisms of olfaction in humans. In 2019, Aline has joined Shiseido Europe Innovation Center as scientific innovation leader, bringing the best of the research field within the R&D strategy. Thanks to her expertise on human olfaction and odors, she has contributed to research into the communication of positive emotions through body odors and the impact of scented products. She was awarded with Basic Research award at the IFSCC 2023 in Barcelona.

  • Aline Robert-Hazotte, Scientific Innovation Leader, Europe Innovation Center, SHISEIDO

    Webinar Presenter

  • Perry Romanowski, IFSCC Education Chair

    Webinar Moderator

  • Mònica Morales, IFSCC Interim Secretary General

    Webinar Host

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