Resilience; Practical tools you can implement now

About The Webinar - 30 minutes

What is the one trait you’d like to build on in your organisation at the moment?

Our clients have spoken and we have listened; Resilience is the resounding answer!

  • What we know:

    • People are struggling
    • Leaders are at capacity with workload and crisis management and have exhausted their tools in knowing how to support their team’s resilience efforts
    • Employees are time poor

  • How we are helping:

    A short, sharp and impactful lunch time mini-workshop (30 minutes) getting straight to the point and sharing;

    • the truth behind resilience
    • the building blocks to creating resilience
    • a set of practical and actionable tools to take away with you
  • Who would benefit from this?:
    Humans! Both leaders and team members will benefit from the resources shared as the data shows us that Leaders who are “leading well, despite struggle” have the highest levels of resilience and subsequently the highest percentage of teams who report to be feeling, engaged, psychologically safe and performing effectively.

  • Menny Monahan

    Webinar Host

  • Drake WorkWise

    Webinar Host

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