🚀 The path to financial freedom starts with finding discounted properties.

Wholesaling Inc. + DealMachine have teamed up to help you start finding the best deals in your market in 2024.

This challenge will take you from little to no real estate experience to finding killer deals.

  • Live Training #1: Find Hidden Real Estate Deals (Feb. 22nd @ 1pm ET)

    Learn how to find the most motivated sellers in any market.

  • Live Training #2: Your Marketing Playbook (Feb. 26th @ 1pm ET)

    Learn the most effective and proven strategies to reach sellers.

  • Live Training #3: Close Deals With Confidence (Feb. 28th @ 1pm ET)

    Learn to make confident offers and close deeply discounted deals.

  • BONUS: DealMachine will be giving away over $3,000 in prizes to challenge registrants! 💸💸💸

Live Challenge Hosts

  • Brent Daniels

    Live Training Host, Expert Real Estate Investor, World-Class REI Coach

  • Matt Kamp, DealMachine

    Live Challenge Co-Host

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