Computational Design


Learn How to use Computing to Create Innovative and Meaningful Design Solutions

Computational Design thinking and computational making expand the design possibilities indefinitely. This approach can be applied in a wide spectrum of disciplines, such as architectureproduct design, and mechanical engineering

  • The Computational Approach to Design
    Learn how to leverage the power of computing to unlock your creative potential

  • Application context

    Find out in what fields and industries computational design can be a game changer

  • Sharpening the right skills​​​​​​​
    Computational design is not about software. Develop the right thinking to turn your creativity into infinite design solutions

  • Q&A Session​​​​​​​
    At the end of the webinar you are free to ask your questions and talk directly with the speakers

  • Onur Yüce Gün

    Lecturer - New Balance Moderator - Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation

  • Igor Ciminelli

    Moderator - Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation

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