​​​​​​​Space Architecture & Design

Planning for Life on the moon, Mars and in Zero-G

The role of architecture in space exploration and colonization

Life in space is a reality that is becoming more concrete every day. During the webinar we will cover the key points of designing space environments, both for spaceships and planetary surfaces.

  • Planning for Life In Zero-G
    Space travel will soon become a standard. What aspects should we take into account when designing a living space that will have to accommodate human beings for long periods?

  • Planning for Life on the moon and Mars

    A permanent living outpost on the moon and Mars will be the first step in human space colonisation. What design and technological requirements must it meet? And what are the main challenges we will face?

  • Back to Earth

    Barbara and René will show us how to use the knowledge and know-how of space architecture to design better (and more sustainable) living spaces and systems on Earth.

  • Q&A Session

    A question and answer session to meet and talk with two internationally renowned space architects.

  • Igor Ciminelli

    Moderator - Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation

  • Barbara Imhof

    Speaker - Liquifer System Group

  • Renè Waclavicek

    Speaker - Liquifer System Group

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