Digital Homeschool Convention Webinar

Hands-On Math / Grades 1-4

About Marin

Marin Lipowitz has always been passionate about experiential learning as a
concrete, hands-on approach that can circumvent many learning challenges
while generating the interest and enthusiasm that makes teaching and
learning fun, effective, and successful.

Marin holds a Masters Degree in Waldorf Education, and has had years of
experience as a class teacher in the early grades. Also, as a homeschool
teacher in California public schools, Marin gained an in-depth knowledge of
state and national education standards.

This combined knowledge and experience led to Math By Hand, a creative,
colorful curriculum for grades 1-4, and a lively alternative to a more abstract
focus on drill and memorization.
She believes that if enthusiasm and joy come first, the rest will follow,
empowering all children with the self-confidence and love of lifelong learning
that can awaken the sleeping genius in every child.
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