7 Flawless Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Amazon Business...

Amazon CPCs keep rising, competition is consistently increasing, and standing out is becoming more and more challenging.
In this virtual event, you'll learn about the top 7 marketing strategies to help you grow your Amazon business by focusing on a robust off-Amazon marketing strategy!
...AND, 2 lucky attendees will win a FREE Custom Listing Optimization & A+ Content ($1,200+ value)!

Thursday, April 20th, 1pm EST/10am PST

  • Which off-Amazon marketing strategies will work for your brand?
    Not all off-Amazon strategies are created equal. We'll dive deep into deciphering which marketing channels are the best for you to test with your brand.

  • How do you track off-Amazon marketing success?
    We'll go through all of the correct ways to leverage attribution tracking and the different reports you can create to justify your off-Amazon strategies.

  • Where should you send the off-Amazon traffic?
    Search pages, product listings, storefronts, there are many places to send your off-Amazon traffic and we'll show you which ones work the best.

  • What tools should be used?
    We'll show you the EXACT tech stack we use to optimize any off-Amazon marketing strategy we put in place.

  • What else is there?
    So much more! We giving away all of the goods such as the reports and assets we leverage and 2 lucky winners will get a FREE Custom Amazon Listing Optimization & A+ Content ($1,200 value!)

Webinar Presenters

  • Andrew Maff

    Founder/CEO at BlueTuskr

  • Destaney Wishon

    Founder at BetterAMS

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