Covid-19 & Your Retirement

A Damage Assessment

About The Webinar

In this webinar ,we will be taking you through self-assessment of the impact this year has taken on us and our retirement planning.  While everyone’s lives have been affected by COVID-19, the extent of impact varies for each person and family. As social distancing measures relax and states begin to reopen across the country in various stages, the future looks hopeful, though still uncertain. Now is the time to assess any “damage” of COVID-19 on your finances, health, and (more long-term) retirement.

Here are a couple of the topics we will cover: 

  • Avoiding Emotional Investing

  • Is it time to adjust your risk tolerance?

  • If I am forced to retire early, how do I adjust my plan?

  • We will walk you through a Damage Self-Assessment.

  • Steve Aul


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