Do you have a tough problem to solve and speed is vital?
Start with a Problem Solving Pitstop

About The Webinar

Companies strive to be reliable and predictable, otherwise you will be out of business soon. So we try to avoid problems and thanks to f.e. Risk Analysis, FMEA, Six Sigma, Quality & Change Control our standards have gone up.

But what if something goes wrong after launch desite all the efforts?  A fast response and understanding what exactly is going on is vital. Simply adding more knowledge is not the solution, what you need is a trained and skilled team of Problem Solvers. Just like a pitstop.

  • What are the most important elements of a Problem Solving Pitstop?
  • What principles are used by successful problem solvers?
  • Which routines of the Problem Solving Pitstop can I use immediately?
  • How to communicate without writing additional reports?
  • Martijn Maas

    Webinar Host

  • Jan Willem Vernhout

    Webinar Host

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