SYS All Weather Portfolio Launch with Jim Power

SYS All Weather Portfolio Launch

CEO, Tony Delaney and Economist, Jim Power launch the brand-new SYS All Weather Portfolio - a bespoke, robust and transparent investment portfolio solution that is unique to the marketplace. 

​​​​​​​Our bespoke portfolio and latest offering is expertly structured and back-tested over a 5-year period.

Exclusively available through SYS Private, our aim is to achieve a smooth overall investment journey to withstand challenging market conditions. 

We cordially invite you to join us in launching and delving deeper into this exciting, dynamic and "value add" All-Weather Portfolio.

  • Who is this for? 
    ​​​​Clients holding existing pensions and investment portfolios 

    Investors seeking;
    Appropriate Risk 
    Cost Efficiency
    Forensic Analysis of your existing portfolio 

  • Benefits of The All Weather Portfolio
    Robust performance in challenging market conditions
    The SYS 8 Pillar Investment Criteria
    Built with strong propositions in comparison to other portfolios in the market
    Structured to withstand challenging marketing conditions
    Smoother overall investment journey
    ​​​​​Stable return with lower volatility 

  • Tony Delaney

    Webinar Host

  • Jim Power

    Guest Speaker

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