Complimentary Educational Event

Estate Planning For The 21st Century

About The Webinar

An Estate plan is vital for any individual, couple or family that owns a home and has assets. Ensure that you protect your family from the nightmare of Probate Court, as well as, the unnecessary expense of hefty legal fees associated with Probate.

​​​​​​​Come join us at this very special event exclusively for Adults and Retirees. Learn various methods and the Best Practice to protect your family from unnecessary legal fees and wasted time in Probate.

  • What Does "Estate Planning" Even Mean?

    Most people think that Estate Planning is ONLY for the Rich and Famous but you'll learn differently

  • What Is Probate Court?

    You'll learn that probate is actually a choice that you can send your beneficiaries through or not

  • Learn Our Proprietary "90 in 90 FORMula"

    We've developed and refined a proprietary process where we leverage today's best technology to get 90% of your estate plan done in 90 Minutes...OR LESS!!

  • Much, much more...

    You don't want to miss this event if you want to ensure your family is prepared for when the inevitable happens

  • Rick White | Estate and Tax Planning Specialist

    Patriot Wealth

  • Jennifer Surmacz | Co-Presenter

    Chief Counsel and Network Attorney

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