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Does philanthropy need to be more open
​​​​​​​about its investments?

About The Webinar

Why do foundations invest in global capital markets? What is the right way to invest, bearing in mind current and future needs and the impact of investments on social and planetary well-being? To mark the publication of Alliance's new issue on philanthropic investments, this webinar talks to contributors and experts about what's next for philanthropic investments. 

Western Union would like to present Debbi Jennings, Head of Brand Awareness, Worldwide Cancer Research, to introduce this webinar.

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Questions include

  • What is current foundation orthodoxy around investments? Does it need to change?

  • Which foundations use investments most effectively to advance their mission?

  • How could foundations become more transparent about how they invest their assets?

  • Is impact investing just 'nibbling around the edges'?

  • Can asset managers ever be paid too much if the money they generate is used to support charitable causes and the public good?

  • Charles Keidan

    Moderator, Alliance magazine

  • Debbi Jennings

    Head of Brand Awareness, Worldwide Cancer Research

  • Danielle Walker Palmour

    Director, Friends Provident Foundation, UK

  • Rien Van Gendt

    Adviser and Chair of Investment Committee, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Portugal

  • María-Laura Rojas

    Founder and Executive Director, Transforma, Colombia

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