How To Use The 3 Pillars Strategy To Get Consistent Coaching Clients!

About The Training 

Join Marc Mawhinney as he shares his “3 Pillars” Strategy, including a breakdown of how he’s used it over the last seven years to get more coaching clients! You’ll learn:
-The big problem tripping up coaches and making them want to pull the hair out of their heads ...
-The most important word you need to liberally start using TODAY
-The essential rules you *must* follow when adopting the 3 Pillars Strategy 
- How the 3 Pillars Strategy can keep you grounded and even *more* productive during challenging times.
This training isn’t your usual “webinar” … it’ll  have no BS, fluff, or filler and you’ll get action steps that you can put to use immediately!

  • Marc Mawhinney

    Webinar Host

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