Why agree to be a peer reviewer in 2021? The importance of this process

About the Panel Discussion

"I'm a peer reviewer! Get me out of here!"

Or not. In this one-off 45 minute panel discussion, our experts will discuss some of the issues that reviewers face when asked to take the time to perform this process for journals.

Host Dr Gareth Dyke will be joined by Professor Giacomo Bellani, expert reviewer, and Mrs Lucia Steele, publishing professional, to discuss some of the key issues around peer review and managing the process.

You can ask them anything!

This event is co-sponsored by ReviewerCredits and TopEdit Author Services.

  • Dr Gareth Dyke

    Webinar Host

  • Mrs Lucia Steele

    Publications Manager, AboutScience

  • Professor Giacomo Bellani

    Special Guest, University of Milan-Bicocca

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