How to Turn Your Vehicle into a Tax-Deduction Gold Mine!
5 Ways to Unlock $1,000’s of EXTRA Tax Deductions for Your Vehicle… Frankly, if you’re doing it right, deducting your vehicles should save you hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in taxes over the course of your lifetime. 

  • Most business owners are only getting a fraction of the savings they deserve.  In order to really maximize the amount of money, you can save you need to unlock more of the hidden tax deductions available for your vehicle.  

    ​​​​​​​It’s not hard… but you have to know what to do proactively.  Most accountants assume you already know these rules.  Which means they don’t take the time to teach you – and you end up paying more than you could have.

    Join me for a FREE online training and learn tips that will help you either get a bigger tax refund from the IRS… or pay less in tax and get to keep more of your hard-earned money.

  • *Discover how the new tax law makes it 300% more affordable to drive luxury cars than it used to be. (Plus, I’ll show you how to trade-up your vehicle for a nicer one without costing you a dime. Imagine driving a nicer car and paying less than you do now...)

    *The costly mistake almost all self-employed people (and their accountants) make when claiming vehicle deductions – and how to make sure you never fork over extra money to the IRS again...

    *The tax loophole SO BIG,  you can drive a truck through it... literally.​​​​​​​

    *The two ways to write-off your car – and the “no-brainer” method to choose one that gives you the best deduction for your situation.

    *The simple method to legally turn more of your personal driving into business mileage so you can deduct it!

    *​​​An easy-to-follow formula that will tell you when you should lease a car instead of purchasing one. (The answer’s probably going to shock you.)

    *Know exactly which makes/models of vehicles you should buy to get up to 800% more tax write-offs than the average car.

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