Immersed and Enveloped Positioning

The specific stabilized and informed brain need of people with progressed dementia to prevent postural problems​​​​​​​

Dementia is a progressive condition that affects both cognitive and physical functions. Avoiding postural distortions linked to reduced body scheme awareness and spatial awareness is of particular importance to maintaining comfort, engagement, and quality of life.

Jo De Clercq, Physical Therapist, will share his experiences in the management of this condition and a case study to illustrate the benefit of stabilized and informed positioning using Spex seating technology and the effect this has had on function and formal carer support.

Bridget Churchill, Occupational Therapist & Spex Clinical Educator, will identify modular seating solutions that can meet this informed positioning need. 

  • Understand why postural changes occur in persons with Dementia, and how we can offer clinical solutions to provide improved body sense. 

  • Be aware of changing seating needs for persons with Dementia as the condition progresses, and why it is critical we understand when to respond to this to avoid preventable postural distortions.

  • Identify possible seating solutions that can respond to changing need, considering the need for immersion, envelopment and stabilization.

  • Bridget Churchill

    Spex Clinical Educator & Occupational Therapist

  • Jo De Clercq

    Guest Speaker & Physical Therapist

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