Join UK based Bayfield Training and API Events for this Preview Webinar for 5-week online course: Real Estate Financial Modelling: Investment & Development.


  • Create sophisticated and flexible models in Excel from scratch that can accommodate a variety of investment strategies.
  • Over five-weeks you will learn the best practices on how to invest in income generating buildings as well as development schemes.
  • The cash flow models will cover the setup of rent functions for a multi-let property including multiple lease features such as reviews, indexations, void and tenant incentives.
  • The training will also review the structuring of development cashflow from residual appraisal to the distribution of cost through S-curve.
  • Attendants will also learn how to model different strategies of real estate financing whether in the context of investment properties or development properties.
  • The best practices of risk/return analysis will provide you with the foundational knowledge to be applied to the African real estate markets.
  • API Events

    Webinar Host

  • Sonia Martin-Gutierrez

    CEO, Bayfield Training Ltd

  • Andri Rabetanety,

    Senior Financial Modelling Trainer

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