Work Your Way to the UK

About The Webinar

Do you dream of a new life working as a nurse or allied health professional in the United Kingdom? Join our webinar for helpful insights that can help you get closer to your goal.
We've gathered a gaggle of expert speakers to give you the rounded picture on everything from passing OET, to the international recruitment process, to the reality of working in the NHS. With tips, polls, and prizes to giveaway, this is a must-attend session for all healthcare angels looking to spread their wings and fly to Britain.

  • Why you should take OET  Krizelle Kilicaslan of OET will share the latest updates and explain why OET is the right English test for you.
    ​​​​​​​Ana de Guzman from ACE Testing Hub builds your confidence for OET by taking you behind the scenes on test day.

  • What do recruiters look for?  Maja Penol from the recruitment agency ASC Global Recruitment runs through the requirements for working in the  UK and what to expect from the recruitment process.

  • From dream to reality... Does it always rain in Britain? Do I have to like tea? What exactly is the NHS? Your questions answered by our local expert, Anthony Catlow from NHS Professionals.

  • OET Marketing

    Webinar Host

  • Krizelle Kilicaslan

    OET Business Development Manager - Philippines

  • Ana de Guzman

    Content Writer and Trainer, ACE Testing Hub

  • Maja Penol

    Recruitment and Operations Manager, ASC Global Recruitment

  • Anthony Catlow

    Regional Director, NHS Professionals

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