Thriving in A Perfect Storm - Join us for our FREE webinar hosted by Dean van Leeuwen and Graeme Codrington

How to prepare your business for the opportunities disruption brings

Turn disruption fatigue into excitement for the future.

Planning ahead is difficult right now... Disruption does that!

​​​​​​​While you can’t plan for disruption - you can prepare for it, making sure you’re ready for whatever comes your way. 

By preparing for whatever happens, and anticipating at least some of the biggest disruptors ahead, threats become opportunities, and change becomes your friend

Join Dean van Leeuwen and Graeme Codrington for this webinar as they dive into some of the significant forces that are already changing the shape of the world around us, as well as the foundations your organisation needs to ensure they have what it takes to handle whatever comes your way.

These highly probable, high impact yet ignored catalysts and forces of change are: Ageing, Angry Planet, Multipolarity, Big Squeezes, Inequality, Intelligent Advancements, and Angry People. 
​​​​Show your team what it means to shift from a planning mindset to one of preparation: building foundations that will ensure your business can handle whatever comes your way.

​​​​​​​Let us help you take what you and your team already can see, and show you a bigger horizon​​​​​​​ and the significance of “a perfect storm” as these forces combine to create immense waves of change. 

Webinar dates:
Tuesday, 28 June 2022 at 1pm (South Africa), 12pm (UK), 7am (New York)
​​​​​​​Thursday, 7th July 2022 at 1pm (South Africa), 12pm (UK), 7am (New York)

The four key foundations we'll focus on in the webinar

  • Ecosystems.

    Becoming the preferred place to work and an anti-fragile partner in your network and industry

  • Being bionic.

    Integrating technology and a future-focused workforce, getting the best out of both

  • Having an explorer mindset.

    Recognising that we cannot think our way into a better future, but need to build experimental mindsets and innovation by design into our DNA

  • Being a force for good. 

    An absolutely essential shift in mindset and positioning for success by 2030

  • By preparing your team for tomorrow’s world, you’ll open yourself up to the immense opportunities the rest of this decade will bring. 

Webinar Host

  • Graeme Codrington

    Futurist & Future of Work Expert

  • Dean van Leeuwen

    Chief Exploration Officer @ TomorrowTodayConsulting

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