Learn the 5-step independence process to help your loved one become more independent easier & faster.

About The Workshop

As a family member and family coach, I've guided hundreds of families that have a loved one with a developmental disability to help their loved ones grow their abilities and gain more independence.

In this free workshop, you'll learn the 5-step Independence Coaching System that I've developed with families to grow independence. These are the exact steps you can use to help your loved one grow so that they will become more self-sufficient now and for a time when you can no longer be there for them.

  • Unlock your loved one's growth. Your loved one can grow their independence, and YOU can help them! I'll show you the process that works so that you can help your loved one can grow easier and faster! You'll learn the 5 step Independence Coaching System that has helped hundreds of families unlock their loved one's development.

  • Remove barriers to independence. There are a lot of obstacles to overcome when helping your loved one become more independent. We will work together to remove the most significant barrier blocking your loved one's independence in this workshop.

  • Get the steps that work! By working with my own family, and hundreds of other families, I've found the steps that actually work to help your loved one gain their independence! You'll learn the exact next steps that you need to take to help your loved one grow their independence.

  • Eric Goll

    Family Member & Family Coach

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