​​​​​​​Sales Survival is Business Survival during COVID-19

Sales is income and all businesses rely on this for cash flow. In the past few weeks COVID-19 has changed the sales landscape dramatically across all industries with many having a concern on future sales. Mike Anderson  (NSBC: Founder & CEO) discusses how to ensure sales survival for small businesses with Mark Keating (SalesGuru: CEO).

Some of the questions Mike will be covering with Mark:

  • My sales have dried up and I don’t know what to do?

  • People are not buying right now, what should I be spending my time on?

  • How do I keep my sales people busy?

  • I can’t afford to keep my sales team for much longer?

  • What should I be saying to my prospects and customers?

  • Should I still be prospecting?

  • How can I prepare for the future?

  • When will sales pick up again?

  • Mike Anderson

    NSBC - Founder & CEO

  • Mark Keating

    SalesGuru - CEO

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