How to Teach Pop Music the Right Way

About The Webinar

Pop music is what most of our younger students will listen to. They can relate to it plus we can actually teach a lot of musical concepts through pop music - think chords, rhythm, melody, improvisation and so much more. 

Join me for one hour of free live training and start teaching pop music the right way.

What we’ll cover in this webinar... 

  • Pop's Not Just About Having Fun! Find out how to make learning pop a meaningful experience for students. 

  • Chords and Composing. I've got a fool-proof method of bridging the chordal aspects of pop with pop-style composing that students love. 

  • How to Simplify Pop Music.  Kids always want to play music that's too hard for them, right? Let me show you how to still make it work. 

  • Tim Topham

    Tim is a creator of enterprising, innovative ideas for music educators. He hosts the popular Creative Piano Teaching Podcast and speaks at local and international conferences. Tim's passion is helping teachers maximise student engagement through creativity, technology and fun. He has included chords and composing as an integral part of his teaching for over 10 years and can't wait to share these ideas with you.

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