Getting Pricing Right!

Poor pricing strategies are why most interior designers leave money on the table at the end of every job. Especially in today's economy, you simply can't afford to do that. In this webinar, university professor and interior design business coach, David Shepherd, will give you more than a dozen take-aways to help you find the "Easy Button" in your business and send profits soaring without client push-back or online shopping! 

  • David Shepherd

    University Professor and Interior Design Business Coach

  • Why pricing is the "Easy Button..."

    Pricing is the single most important variable under your control, and the fastest way to earn what you deserve.

  • Doubling profits on small changes...

    I'll show you a case study of how one design firm doubled their profits on a price increase of only 10%!

  • The "right price" is always perception...

    It's true, the fastest way to greater profits is to simply increase the perceived value of your services in the mind of your client...and it's often easy to do!

  • More than 12 take-aways from this event!

    My goal is to make sure that you get specific, actionable items for the investment of your time. Then, if you're interested, plan to stay on the line for an extra 10 minutes to learn about a pricing masterclass I am offering for those who truly want to earn what they deserve!

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