Here's What EVERY Agile Leader Needs to Know to make IMPACT.

  • You Must Be Visionary

    To create bold outcomes, you must see them first. But you've never been taught HOW to create and share outcomes in a way that moves others. In fact, you've been taught that vision is only for the chosen few.

  • You Must Have a Strong Voice

    To be heard, you must cut above the noise. You have to find your audience. Greatness demands distinction. A unique voice.  Tragically, our culture offers no guidance or resources to help you find it. In fact, it may actively work to discourage it.

  • You Don't Need "Great Ideas"

    Our culture celebrates innovation.  The electric car.  The smartphone. The truth is, most "great" ideas are just cominations of old ideas. Genius is not required. You need OBSESSION - the burning desire that cannot be extinguished.  Obsession creates energy, will, and consistency. Most of us are afraid to commmit at that level - maybe because you've never had a supportive environment.

  • Challenge Reveals Heroes

    Self-Doubt. Haters. Failures. Slow progress. These challenges are designed to weed out those who are not ready. The untrained leader may DESIRE impact, but that's not enough. Without the courage to embrace challenges, your dreams won't survive.

  • You Can Never Stand Still

    What worked yesterday is already obsolete. Growth is essential to a leader of impact. But there are so many "expert" resources on leadership effectiveness that you can't keep up. This helps no one - except those who sell books, courses, certifications and degrees. If only you had a real mentor to give you access to ageless, simple wisdom.


    Powerful leadership is not about piling on new knowledge or skills. It is about carving away the stone to reveal the masterwork that is already there. The Forge puts the sculptor's tools in your hands. Through a carefully designed progression of learning, experimentation and coaching, the transformation begins in a matter of weeks. At the end of the year, you don't graduate.  You arise. You become the person of courage, influence and effectiveness that you've alwas dreamed of being.

  • Chris Williams

    Webinar Host

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