... exclusive to the 144K Mass Meditation Group.

Live Childhood Trauma Clearing Webinar
Clear the traumas & childhood programs running your adult life, to also upgrade your frequency & get it closer to Pre-Event Galactic Contact!


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​​​​​​​easily bypass - the fears, anxieties & anguish of your inner child
as it starts to sense the new & unfamilar direction you & the planet are heading.

heal this - before your raw emotions get louder 
to relax & ease your way to the Event & raise your frequency closer to contact with your galactic brethren as a result - in order to manifest the high-freqeuncy of First Contact before the Event.

​​​​​​​be guided on removal of dense ... reversed ... & false programs that your...
[still existing] ​​​​​​​childhood self has accepted as Truth - and that have controled your adult life in a harmful way. This is special mental body work you'll be getting.

feel BETTER and more ACTIVATED
when you release what's holding you back or causing dark emotions - with easy methods you won't find anywhere else - you'll get to use these tools again and again.

For only $25 you'll get the equivalent of a solid, deep, high quality one​​​​​​​-on-one psychic clearing, that normaly costs $150+. 

Hit the register button below now, and you'll also get the recording + qualify for a RARE and STEEP discount on the renowned Automatic DNA Activation Codes you wear.
No visualization required - & you will now be able to bypass the constant environmental shutdown of your higherer DNA strand activations! 

  • Jim Tourtsakis

    Webinar Host

  • Ada Tourtsakis

    Webinar Host

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