Beign with an End in Mind. It Starts Now!

​​​​​​​See your vision, write your vision, and make your vision happen!  This is your time to take your vision that you see and make it come to life.  Come join me on this incredible vision experience.

LaMeka Howard is a native of Ohio, and has three beautiful daughters.  She is a coach, a motivational and a public speaker, an author, & a trainer.  She is the Founder and Creator of CEOMothers where her organization is building a strong institution of community and of family. 

She has her Associate degree in Business Management and her Bachelor degree in Business Administration.  She enjoys reading, writing, spending time with her family, and public speaking by teaching and giving back to her community so they may gain and have more of an abundant life.

  • LaMeka Howard

    Presenter and Founder and Creator of CEOMOthers

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