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Chattanooga Real Estate
​​​​​​​Pre-Recorded Webinar

​​​​​​​How To Create Transformational Wealth through Chattanooga Real Estate

Are you considering Real Estate Buying, Selling, or Investing?  Maybe you're eyeing the Chattanooga market?

Join this webinar to learn all the details about the Chattanooga real estate market and how you can buy, sell, and invest in this area to build transformational wealth and increase your net wealth more than any other investment.

​​​​​​​Your host will be Adrienne Green, team leader of the 
Auburndale Group.  Adrienne is an experienced long-distance investor herself who is also an active investor in the Chattanooga market.  The Auburndale Group specializes in working with investors, and is on track to help clients ​​​​​​​purchase 200 houses in 2022!  

Team Leader, Auburndale Group

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