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Jon Hicks, founder and CEO of J. Hagan Capital and radio personality with a weekly financial radio show and podcast on iHeartRadio.com will be providing insight on how our behaviors during times of uncertainty affect our long-term financial success. Jon’s passion to educate and offer financial insight has led him to be featured in Fortune.com, Forbes, CNN Money, Accounting Today, and Yahoo! Finance. Actionable steps you can take to maintain proper focus while making financial decisions will be reviewed during this free webinar.

  • Real-time Analysis of the Coronavirus Crisis from an Industry Expert
    Much of the financial information that we are mostly seeing right now is technical in nature. But, it is important for us to step back and look at our overall retirement plan and look at the cognitive issues of how we relate to our money. Your free webinar covers this and much more.

  • Jon Hicks, MBA, MSFS

    Your financial educator & host

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