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About The Webinar

Civil Contractors New Zealand - the national association for businesses in the civil construction industry - is running a follow-up webinar to clarify the latest COVID-19 implications and protocols for civil construction.

CCNZ Chief Executive Peter Silcock will provide insight into current government guidance on construction contracts, while Technical Manager Stacy Goldsworthy will cover off practical answers to some of the questions raised after the introduction of the protocols and new Health Act COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Order legislation.

This webinar follows on from the webinars held on 20 April, and will also feature answers in full to some of the questions raised in those webinars

This webinar will cover:

  • Civil construction contract guidance

  • More clarity around new COVID-19 Protocols and the Health Act COVID-19 Alert Level 3 Order

  • Questions from CCNZ's 20 April webinars

  • Civil Contractors New Zealand

    Webinar Host

  • Peter Silcock

    CCNZ Chief Executive

  • Stacy Goldsworthy

    CCNZ Technical Manager

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