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​​​​​​​Introduction to Ultimate Healing with Hereditary Shaman Peter Aziz

On the webinar, hereditary shaman Peter Aziz will be looking at the most common issues that people bring to him for healing and how the techniques used in Ultimate Healing can resolve them despite you having maybe tried many methods in the past which haven’t worked or the improvements were only temporary.
He will be focusing on the mechanism by which emotions are stored in the body – primarily in the endocrine glands. He will show the sequence of suppression as emotions are repressed more deeply until they reach the level of the unconscious, how these levels relate to the glands and the types of physical and psycho-emotional illnesses and imbalances that can manifest when this happens and how they can be healed.
Peter will introduce you to an ancient practice from the Kahuna shaman of Hawaii and the synergistic power of Tibetan magickal transmissions.

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  • Peter Aziz

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