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Hydrogen Safety: The Essential Element for Widespread Success

Live Webinar (English)
Start: August 19, 2020, 17:00 CET

Communicating hydrogen specific safety guidance is critical to the global success of hydrogen’s role in the energy transition. While hydrogen has been used safely in industrial applications for nearly a century, a substantial expansion of its use as a fuel involves a wider and more diverse group of stakeholders. This webinar will discuss the need for safety, identify key safety resources available, and highlight future activities to enable the safe and timely transition to hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

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Nick Barilo is the Director of the Center for Hydrogen Safety. The Center is a global nonprofit resource that supports and promotes the safe handling and use of hydrogen across industrial and consumer applications in the energy transition. As Director of CHS, Nick helps to facilitate access to hydrogen safety experts; develop comprehensive safety guidance, outreach and education materials; and provides a forum to partner on world-wide technical solutions.

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  • Nick Barilo

    Director of the Center for Hydrogen Safety, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

  • Silke Frank

    CEO, Mission Hydrogen GmbH (Host)

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