Lower Socio-Economic Groups Webinar
Delivered by Why Sports

The Why Sports Lower Socio-Economic Groups webinar will explore the impact of new and existing strategies whilst seizing the opportunity to inspire and challenge the architects of policy to continue to create active communities for all. 

This much anticipated webinar will ask how best we canc we inspire and improve the lives and opportunities for the 12 million adults that live in lower socio-economic communities? 

  • Why Sports

    Webinar Host

  • Yvonne Harrison

    Webinar Chair

  • Rachel Graham

    Head of Low Socio-Economic Groups, Sport England

  • Mark Lawrie

    CEO, Street Games

  • Cormac Whelan

    Programme Manager, Positive Youth Foundation

  • Warren Leigh

    Strategic Lead (London), Local Delivery Directorate, Sport England 

  • Lorna Stockwood

    Director, Active Communities Experiences

  • Steve Cunningham

    Owner/Founder, Active Communities Experiences

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