Best Ever Australian Apartment Webinar 2021

In this webinar I will show you what is behind the headline stories, and what is REALLY happening in the Australian apartment market right now.

"Within an hour and a few slides you  summarized all that I need to know from the masses of confusing news. Thanks!" 

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The Australian proeprty market is

  • Exclusive examination of the apartment market

    The apartment market perfoms very differently than the house market.

  • Market indicators

    Where is each city on the apartment cycle?

  • Latest supply and construction figures

    Oversupply? Under supply? The latest figures revealed, Australa wide.

  • The latest rental vacancy rates and price data

    For each of the major cities.

  • City by City 

    The major cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane are covered in detail.

  • Borders closed. No migration

    What will be the effect on Australia's apartment market?

  • What about timing?

    Is the time right to sell, buy, watch or hold?

  • Economic indicators that are affecting the market

    Covid recovery or post Covid collapse?

  • And a conclusion from all the indicators, data and forecasts that is sure to surprise you, and maybe even shock you.

  • Michael Bentley

    Australian Property Expert, Book Author, and Your Webinar Host

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