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Diabetic Skin - its unique properties and new product opportunities
Dr. Fred Zuelli, Mibelle Biochemistry
Wednesday 31 May

8h West Coast USA = 9h Mexico City = 10h Chicago / Bogotá = 11h East Coast USA = 12h Sao Paolo = 16h London = 17h Central Europe / S. Africa = 18h Tel Aviv = 20h30 New Delhi = 23h Singapore / HK / China / Taipei = 0h Korea / Japan = 1h Melbourne = 3h Wellington​​​​​​​

About the Webinar

Diabetic skin has unique properties due to this complicated, chronic disease. Whether Type 1 or Type 2, people with diabetes experience changes to their skin.

Dr. Zuelli explains how diabetic skin differs from "regular' skin,. These differences, and diabetic's need for symptom relief, suggest new product possibilities.

About the Presenter

In 1991, Fred Zülli founded the business unit Mibelle Biochemistry when he came up with the idea of developing high quality, scientific ingredients for the cosmetic industry based on novel biochemical concepts for the skin. He has since expanded the business and enriched Mibelle Biochemistry’s product portfolio with pioneering product ideas. After being a Managing director for 30 years, he is now the Business Development director and leads the research department and the sales team.

About the Guest Scientist

Dr. Fransizka Wandrey won the IFSCC Maison G de Navarre Young Scientist Prize in 2017. She is Head of Research at Mibelle Biochemistry.

  • Mary Lynn Halland, IFSCC Secretary General

    Webinar Host

  • Dr. Fred Zuelli, Mibelle Biochemistry (Switzerland)


  • Dr. Franziska Wandrey. Mibelle Biochemistry

    Guest Scientist

  • Perry Romanowski, IFSCC Chair of Education

    Webinar Host

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