Join us on Thursday, February 25th!

Social entrepreneurs eagerly devote energy to ensure the products they sell are sourced and made ethically and their employees are treated fairly.

But how does this effort to be sustainable translate into the rest of the organization?

Similar to making decisions every day to do what's right (not necessarily what's easy) when it comes to designing products, the way a team chooses to market and sell those products is an opportunity to walk the talk.

Join us for this pop-up panel to learn how three Acumen Fellows practice ethical marketing to scale the sales and impact of their social enterprises. 
​​​​​​​By the end of this pop-up panel, you’ll:

  • Learn how to balance the desire to communicate the social impact of your organization without risking ‘impact washing’ or misusing impact results as a ‘sales tool;’​​​​​​​

  • Become aware of potential ethical blind spots and how to mitigate them when marketing your products and services;

  • Learn strategies to design and implement more robust ethical frameworks in your social impact organization.

  • Nawshin Khair

    Managing Director, Aranya, Acumen Bangladesh Fellow

  • Hitesh Kenjale

    Co-founder, Desi Hangover, Acumen India Fellow

  • Pablo Urbano

    Co-founder and COO, AUARA, Acumen Spain Fellow

  • Danielle Sutton

    Acumen Academy, Host

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