With Tiffany Markman

Get Yourself Paid!

Do you feel like you’re always chasing money? You’ve done the work, but the moolla is outstanding because "systems are down" or “the finance person's on leave" or the client’s ghosting your invoices? 

Date: Tuesday 26 July 2022
Time: 4pm-5.15pm

About The Webinar

Tiffany Markman has a message for you: “My kid’s school doesn’t accept payment in promises. And my local Woolies doesn’t take hopes and dreams as currency. If you’re in the same boat, join me on Tuesday 26 July at 4pm for a dive into the not-so-subtle art of getting paid."

Tiffany's "Get Yourself Paid!” webinar covers:

• how to get paid on time
• how to ask for your money confidently, without feeling awkward
• the systems she relies on, 
• the processes she follows, 
• the tools she can’t live without, and 
• the actual email wording she uses to chase down late payments. 

Webinar Presenters

  • Tiffany Markman

    Webinar Host

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