Virtual August Disciples' Night

In the early 1980’s,
Ralph Martin felt led by the Spirit
to give a series of talks
on the attacks on faith,
morality, and ultimately the relevance
and power of the word of God.

These talks became his
best-selling book,
The Crisis of Truth. 

In this talk, Dr. Martin will unpack
this 30-year journey 
and help us see clearly
what is happening in the world
in light of God’s revelation and plan.

Sadly, many of the same challenges
and battles still exist today.

Yet, the Lord continues
to reveal new pathways
forward for greater
fruitfulness in mission
and the deepening conversion
of our hearts
​​​​​​​and the Church.​​​​​​​

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your spot below!

​​​​​​​This prophetic message
provokes a response
from those who hear it.

How will you respond?

  • Pete Burak

    DNight Host

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