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A top poster from the IFSCC 2022 London Congress
A novel phytosphingosine based 1-O-Acylceramide: synthesis, physiochemical characterization and role in the lipid lamellar organization

Dr. Chang Seo Park, LCS Biotech (Korea), presenter

Dr. Sungho Lee, IFSCC Honorary Secretary,
​​​​​​​Guest Scientist
Wednesday 3 May - live from Suppliers Day

8h West Coast USA = 9h Mexico City = 10h Chicago / Bogotá = 11h East Coast USA = 12h Sao Paolo = 16h London = 17h Central Europe / S. Africa = 18h Tel Aviv = 20h30 New Delhi = 23h Singapore / HK / China / Taipei = 0h Korea / Japan = 1h Melbourne = 3h Wellington​​​​​​​

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About the Presenter

Chang Seo Park is the CTO of LCS Biotech. He got his Ph.D. in Microbiology at UC Davis, USA. He started his career at Doosan Biotech in 1981 where he developed ceramide production processes based on yeast-derived phytosphingosine. Then moved to Dongguk University's chemical and biochemical engineering department in Seoul, Korea, where he focused on skin barrier research.
He joined LCS Biotech in 2007 as a co-founder and was involved in developing eco-
friendly ceramide products including EcoCeramide LCS and EcoCeramide ENP.

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  • Dr. Chang Seo Park, LCS Biotech (Korea)

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