Using SWAT MAPS to Grow the Best Potato Crop

About The Webinar

SWAT MAPS chart soil, water and topography in fields to help growers manage their potato crops better. Fields are not all the same, with low and high spots, wet and dry ones, these patches all require different management strategies. SWAT MAPS allow growers to accurately identify areas of the field which shed water and sites which collect it. It also helps spot areas which may have been impacted by erosion or depletion of topsoil.
​​​​​​​During this webinar, you will learn:​​​​​​​

  • The impacts topography and topsoil depth have on potato production

  • The affect dry growing seasons can have on canopy coverage and root mass/tuber initiation

  • What zone management is in a field

  • How to use SWAT MAPS to tailor planting rates/spacing, fertilizer applications, fungicide and insecticide applications, to your fields

  • Wes Anderson

    Global fertility specialist with SWAT MAPS

  • Evan MacDonald

    Precision agriculture specialist at Cavendish Agri Services

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